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We are committed to providing our students with the best possible learning experience, and we are always striving to improve our programs and services.

The mission of the Foundation is to support the long-term advancement and development of the College’s educational programs and facilities, which are available to all students, and which will help them to reach their true potential.

Scholarship success stories 


"I am continually inspired by the transformation power of education at Radford College. Our Scholarship program opens doors for outside students to access a world-class education, regardless of their background.

Being part of the ideation process for the “Radford Reaches In “program has been incredibly rewarding. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to supporting families within the school with unforeseen hardships and reinforces the sense of community that makes Radford College so special.


The Radford Foundation is not just about awarding scholarships to others, otherwise unable to attend the school but is also about the inclusion of those within Radford. This creates and reinforces a community of Truth, Compassion and Wisdom". 

Donna Driver, Foundation Director and Donor 

“When Collegians return to the College and witness the remarkable legacy created by their own families, it serves as a powerful reminder that the impact we have on future generations is everlasting.


It is a testament to the love, dedication, and vision of those who came before us, nurturing an environment where dreams can flourish. As I witness Collegians returning to the College and standing in the halls of history, they are reminded that every brick, every book, and every act of kindness shown by educators that have taught them during their time has contributed to the foundation of success.


This Giving Day let’s be inspired to carry forward this legacy, to create our own mark, and leave behind a heritage that future generations, including our own children will proudly embrace in the same way”.

Monique Glavonjic, Foundation Secretary, Community & Events Administrator and Donor 

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Photo credit: Jamila Toderas 

"Radford College is a vibrant and relatively young school that has continued to grow in size and standing over its 40-year history. It has a great reputation as a school where children are provided with a wonderful education surrounded by a supportive and nurturing community. 


As a family, we recognise that not every student can excel academically and an holistic education is vital for kids to recognise their own strengths, develop confidence and acknowledge their potential.  Consequently, we believe that to support a balanced education for our children they need to have opportunities to express themselves both inside and outside the class-room. The development of the College outdoor sporting facilities is an opportunity that aligns with our beliefs.


Thanks to the vision and generosity of philanthropists like the Boorer Family who have made substantial donations to the College in support of the Radford Sports Precinct, we were inspired to contribute to a cause we saw as worth supporting. 

I would encourage potential donors to consider supporting the College in order to provide students with opportunities to do and experience great things.  Donations have the potential to make a significant impact to the lives of thousands of children that will one day become our community leaders. 


Let’s face it, there are cheaper options available, but the quality of the education at Radford is second to none. Consequently, we all make significant sacrifices to send our children to Radford so that our grandchildren and future generations can also take advantage of the rare opportunity its Radford provides. That means any donation, no matter how big or small, is contributing to current and future generations of our community".

Michael Snare, Donor

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